Ashley Henderson, LCSW

Providing support and guidance 
so that you may live a more deeply connected and inspired life.


Whether you are looking for support for yourself, your teen or your family, finding the right fit with a therapist is important. I hope this site can help you take the first step in deciding if working together feels right for you.
The main focus of my practice is to help my clients free themselves from the stories of who they are and move into living a more authentic life. At times, this requires healing old wounds; revealing, understanding and shifting old patterns of behavior; and/or assisting people to move more confidently through challenging life transitions. Recognizing that we have the ability to heal and change these patterns so that we are living from choice rather than fear is liberating. I believe that everyone has a right to feel empowered in their lives and it is my passion and pleasure to help people realize this potential.

It is clear to me after so many years of working with people who are struggling with a multitude of different issues that change is not only possible for everybody, it is inevitable.  It is the true purpose of our lives to grow. Taking the first step can sometimes be the hardest one.  I look forward to navigating this path with you if you choose to work with me.